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[BOOK REVIEW] Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle

Title: Green Arrow: Year One

Author: Andy Diggle

Artist: Jock

Genre:  Superheroes / Action / Adventure

Year Published:  2007

Year Read: 8/30/2014

Series:  Green Arrow

Publisher:  DC Comics

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 13+ (Some Language and Gory Violence)


Alright, so I have been reading “Batman” and “Superman” comic books from DC Comics so far, but I have yet to read comic books from other superheroes like “Flash,” “Green Lantern” and “Wonder Woman.” But now I finally got the chance to check out another DC superhero that I have not read about at all and that is “Green Arrow!”  Now, I have been watching the “Arrow” TV series for a while now and I had always wanted to read more about “Green Arrow” as a character.  So, when I heard so many good things about a comic book called “Green Arrow: Year One,” I just had to check it out and man, was I blown away by this awesome comic book!

What is this story about?

Oliver Queen was a rich playboy who was always spoiled and seemed to only care about what he wanted rather than what others wanted.  But, when Oliver’s friend Hackett ended up betraying him and throwing him out of the boat to die, Oliver manages to survive by ending up on an abandoned island.  It was there that Oliver starts to realize his true potential in life while slowly becoming the famous GREEN ARROW!

What I loved about this story:

Andy Diggle’s writing: Oh my goodness!  I will be honest here, I have never read any of Andy Diggle’s works on comic books before, so this comic book is not only my first introduction to Green Arrow, but also my first introduction to Andy Diggle’s works and his writing on “Green Arrow: Year One” has definitely blown me away!  I loved the way that Andy Diggle wrote the action sequences as they were truly intense and I was literally on the edge of my seat seeing if Oliver manages to survive against a group of violent and cruel drug lords who are trying to kill Oliver in order to keep their plans a secret.  I also loved the way that Andy Diggle developed Oliver’s character as Oliver started out as a spoiled brat who did not care about anyone but himself.  But when Oliver’s life is in great danger and he sees a group of people on the island being enslaved by the drug lords, it was then that we start seeing Oliver grow as a character and having him realize the true potential inside himself by becoming the hero for the people. I also loved the fact that Oliver was portrayed as being a laid back yet assertive and courageous character, especially during his time on the island and I really felt the growth that Oliver went through on his adventures.  What was interesting to me about this comic book were the similarities with the “Arrow” TV series, as in both this comic book and the TV series had Oliver stranded on an island and trying to survive, while also training to use a bow and arrow which would benefit him GREATLY in the future.

Jock’s artwork:  Just like his artwork in “Batman: The Black Mirror,” Jock has done an astonishing job with the artwork in this comic book!  I just loved the way that Jock made all the characters look realistic while providing a scratchy look to the characters.  I especially loved the way that action sequences were drawn as the explosions really glow off the pages and I loved the way that whenever the characters are standing underneath the sun or some kind of light, the lights literally glow off the characters, providing so much beauty to the image.

What made me feel uncomfortable about this story:

For anyone who does not like language and gory violence in a comic book, this comic book has some language (even though it is not as strong as some comic books I had read over the years) and some violence where some characters are shot with arrows and you can see the blood spurting out as the arrows hit the characters.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Green Arrow: Year One” is POSITVELY, ABSOLUTELY and SERIOUSLY one “Green Arrow” comic book you have to check out if you are a huge fan of everyone’s favorite arrow toting superhero and if you want to know the origin story of Oliver Queen!

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