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[BOOK REVIEW] Black Cat: Eve Attacks Volume 15 by Kentaro Yabuki

Title:  Black Cat: Eve Attacks Volume 15

Author: Kentaro Yabuki

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

Year Published: 2008

Year Read: 2014

Series: Black Cat #15

Publisher: VIZ Media

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 10+ (Violence)

I seriously have been enjoying Kentaro Yabuki’s “Black Cat” series for years now and the fifteenth volume called “Black Cat Volume 15: Eve Attacks” has really turned this series around for me as it concentrates more on how tough Eve can really be!

After the Sweeper Alliance got attacked by Creed’s Apostles of the Stars in the last volume, they ended up on the island where Creed’s secret hideout is at and they meet up with even more of Creed’s Apostles of the Stars members!  While Train fights Maro and River fights Preta, whose power is to cause objects to melt whenever he touches them, Eve ends up confronting Leon, the young boy who can whip up powerful wind storms. 

Can Eve win against Leon and can Train and River defeat the other Apostles of the Stars?

Kentaro Yabuki has done a brilliant job with this volume as while part of the story focuses on Train and River defeating some of the members of the Apostles of the Stars, the real focus in this volume was on Eve fighting Leon.  I loved the way that Eve manages to show the readers that she is capable of handling herself in this situation as it shows a great growth in her character as she learns how to handle problems by herself without the help of Train or Sven.  I also loved the fact that we finally get to see Train, Sven and Eve confront the Apostles of the Stars since in the previous volumes, we have seen Train, Sven and Eve talk about the Apostles of the Stars, but we never seen them interact with them before and it was great seeing the tension being built up between the Apostles of the Stars and Train, Eve and Sven as they fight each other to decide the fate of Creed.  Kentaro Yabuki’s artwork is, as always, gorgeous to look at and probably the best parts of the artwork were of the fighting scenes between the Sweeper Alliance and the Apostles of the Stars as the scenes were extremely well drawn and also intense to look at as we see Train and the others getting beaten up by the Apostles of the Stars even though they eventually beat the members of the Stars back.


For anyone who does not like reading much violence in manga, this volume does have a couple of violent scenes where the characters are constantly fighting each other and they would get hurt severely.

Overall, “Black Cat Volume 15: Eve Attacks” is a fantastic volume for fellow “Black Cat” fans and if you are a huge fan of Eve, then this is definitely the volume that you must pick up!


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