Thursday, September 13, 2012

[BOOK REVIEW] The Golden Egg: A Comic Adventure by Mimi Brennan

Title:  The Golden Egg:  A Comic Adventure

Author:  Mimi Brennan

Genre: Crime / Drama / Suspense

Year Published: 1990

Year Read: 1993

Publisher:  Holiday House

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 5+ (Scenes of Animal Hunting)

Yes! After ten years of trying so desperately to find this book, I have finally found it at the library! The book that I am talking about is “The Golden Egg: A Comic Adventure” written and illustrated by Mimi Brennan and it was one of my most favorite books I had ever read as a child!

There once was a friendly town called Duckville where all of the domestic ducks who cannot fly live.  Unfortunately, outside of Duckville, there are wild ducks that are constantly being hunted and the worst of it is that there is a decoy who is leading the wild ducks to their doom.  Martin Mallard, who is a newspaper reporter, is trying to find out who the decoy is, while crossing paths with Alfred Duckmuck, who is a respected figure in Duckville.  Unfortunately, when Martin starts to find out more about the duck hunters, he is framed for stealing Alfred Duckmuck’s golden egg and ends up in jail!

Can Martin clear his name before it is too late?

Alright! Now that I have finally found this book again after over ten years, I am reliving good memories again after reading this book!  Mimi Brennan has done an excellent job at both writing and illustrating this book as the story is filled with mystery and drama!  I loved the way that Mimi Brennan had set up this book in a comic book fashion as it really added creativity and really set up the mystery theme of this story.  I loved all of the characters involved in this book, especially Martin Mallard and Alfred Duckmuck as they set up as the most perfect hero vs. villain scenario in a picture book (Martin Mallard is a news reporter who was framed for a crime he did not commit while Alfred Duckmuck is a well respected duck who is extremely greedy and selfish).  Every time I read this book, I keep thinking of Martin Mallard’s voice sounding like Inspector Gadget or Tennessee Tuxedo, because their voices sound appropriate for a news reporter trying to get the scoop!  I also loved the way that Mimi Brennan wrote out the story line as it was interesting seeing Martin Mallard being put into jail for a crime he did not commit and then trying to clear his name while trying to find out who was the mysterious decoy for the hunters.  Mimi Brennan’s illustrations are truly creative and inventive to look at as the characters (which are mostly ducks) look cartoonish and yet the action sequences with Martin and Alfred Duckmuck are done extremely well.  I loved the way that Martin Mallard has a green head and grey feathers while wearing a reporter hat as it makes him look truly unique. I also loved the way that Alfred Duckmuck has a red head and a camouflage outfit that really makes him look like a suspicious character (especially when he is seen grinning evilly in every panel!)

The only problem in this book is that it explores the theme of duck hunting and that might upset smaller children. Parents might want to discuss about issues regarding hunting before they read this book to their children.

Overall, “The Golden Egg: A Comic Adventure” is a truly brilliant comic book styled picture book that children will love for many years!  I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the duck hunting scenes might disturb smaller children.


  1. Awww that's so sweet that you found a childhood favourite after so long. Since I joined goodreads I've been able to track down a lot of old favourites of mine using their database so I can add them to my collection.
    Great review :)
    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

    1. Thanks!! I was so excited when I finally found this book after all of these years!