Friday, September 7, 2012

[BOOK REVIEW] Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas

Title:  Blue-Eyed Devil

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2008

Number of Pages: 336 pages

Date Read: 9/7/2012

Series: Travises #2

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+  (Domestic Abuse and Sex Scenes)

Wow! Can I officially say that “Blue-Eyed Devil” by Lisa Kleypas has now become one of my top contemporary romance novels of all time next to “Kiss An Angel?”  “Blue-Eyed Devil” is the second book in Lisa Kleypas popular “Travises” series and this time, it stars the sister in the family, Haven Travis and the former bad-boy, Hardy Cates!  “Blue-Eyed Devil” is a truly mesmerizing book that has drama, secrets and forbidden love rolled into one novel!

Haven Travis is the only sister in the famous and filthy rich Travis family and she is known to have a mind of her own.  However, when Haven ends up marrying a man named Nick who she believed was her true love only to discover too late about his abusive ways, she believes that she may never find true love ever again.  However years later, Haven meets Hardy Cates, her sister in law Liberty’s former love interest and enemy of her family and she will soon discover that not only does she start developing feelings for him, but she will soon uncover his dark past that will change her world forever.

Oh my goodness! This book really set my heart up in flames!  “Blue-Eyed Devil” is certainly a huge improvement from the first book “Sugar Daddy” as we get to learn more about the characters in this book (especially about Haven Travis!) Lisa Kleypas has done a brilliant job at developing a story that was quite unusual for any romance novel, but was still able to produce enough drama and romance that really made my heart flutter!  What I mean by how this novel was quite unusual for a romance novel is that the story starts off with Haven being abused by her former husband Nick and this was the first romance novel that I had read that dealt with the subject matter of domestic abuse and it really made this story much more relatable to any reader who had also suffered through domestic abuse.  I also loved the fact that Lisa Kleypas provided facts and helpful websites that would help the reader really understand the nature of domestic abuse and how to deal with them, which really helped me understand more about domestic violence.  Now, onto the characters of this book!  Haven Travis was just an amazing heroine throughout this book as she had to go through domestic abuse caused by her former husband and for awhile, she could not trust anyone with her issues and was afraid to get close to any man she had contact with.  I actually found myself sympathizing so much with Haven’s situation as domestic abuse happens so much in real life and I was hoping throughout this story that she would find someone who can truly understand the horror she been through and be able to heal her pain.  I also loved the way that Lisa Kleypas made Haven Travis into a strong and independent woman as she may have suffered through a terrible ordeal, but she still tries to move on with her life.  Now, I am going to start getting all flirty whenever I am talking about Hardy Cates, the hero of the story, since he has become one of my most favorite romance heroes of all time!  Hardy Cates has come a long way from the first book “Sugar Daddy” as he was Liberty’s former love interest and had become an enemy of the Travis family after his stunt in “Sugar Daddy.”  However, Hardy Cates was probably the best character in this book as he may be the dangerous and sexy bad-boy that people would warn you to not get near, but he truly shows how much he cared about Haven and how he tries to help her through the ordeal she went through.  Also, it would not hurt to mention that the fact that Hardy Cates is muscular, large and sexy all around just really makes me feel all giddy inside!

Since this novel discusses about domestic abuse and gives vivid detail about the abuse that Haven has suffered at the hands of her former husband, some readers who do not like reading about such subject matter might feel a bit uncomfortable reading this novel and they might want to see if they can handle such subject matter before reading this book.  Also, this book has many scenes that detail explicit sex and they might want to skim over these sex scenes if they feel uncomfortable about them.

Overall, “Blue-Eyed Devil” is definitely one romance novel that you have to check out and I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the “Travis” series “Smooth Talking Stranger!”   

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