Sunday, July 15, 2012

[BOOK REVIEW] Turbulence: A Log Book by Henrik Drescher

Title:  Turbulence:  A Log Book

Author: Henrik Drescher

Genre: Fantasy / Graphic Novel

Year Published: 2001

Date Read: 6/26/2008

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sexual Imagery and Frightening Imagery)

*Original Rating: 5 stars*
*Rating Now: 4 stars*

Now, you are probably wondering why I have changed the rating of Henrik Drescher’s log book, “Turbulence: A Log Book,” but before I get into that, I like to give out my opinion on this book.  “Turbulence: A Log Book” is a graphic novel book written and illustrated by Henrik Drescher and it details the adventures of a man who goes through a mythical journey that reflects his life.  “Turbulence: A Log Book” may have some really creative illustrations, but the story is a bit too confusing for many readers to understand.

Alright, so I practically have to go search all over the internet just to figure out what this book is all about and so here is the summary I have gathered from the internet:

The book starts off with a bespectacled man who is boarding a cruise ship and he brings an unknown valise with him on the ship.  When the man opens the case, it turns out that a smaller version of the boat that he is on is in the case and the man starts taking a bath with the ship near him.  The next few pages details the man’s strange journey through the eyes of the boat as the man’s adventures is portrayed through frightening visions that echoes Hindu mythology.

Now I have been reading Henrik Drescher’s works for many years now, but I have never read anything so DISTURBING, CONFUSING and dare I say it, SEXUAL from his work!  This book was definitely different from any other book I have read from Henrik Drescher and I really did enjoy the darker shift that this book had since I love reading books that have a different style of their own.  Henrik Drescher had done an excellent job at illustrating this book as he uses a mixture of both hand drawings and collage to tell the story and I loved the way that Henrik Drescher’s illustrations are so dark and disturbing and ADULT ORIENTED! The illustrations give this book a truly dark twist to what we perceive of Hindu mythology and I also loved the surreal feel of the illustrations, especially of the images of a man with another smaller head on his head and an image of a man with a cage full of skulls on his head.  I loved the way that Henrik Drescher had woven Hindu mythology into the story, which helped give the story an extremely creative flair.

Just a little warning to anyone interested in reading this book…


Even the image of a green skinned man on the front of the cover is enough to warn children that this book is definitely not for them.  The reason why this book is not geared towards children is because there are many sexual images in this book, including images of characters being naked and performing explicit sexual activities.  Also, the illustrations are truly disturbing and nightmarish and even I had trouble trying to get through this book because of the nightmarish imagery, so small children might never be able to get through this book because of the imagery.  Also, this book is difficult to understand since the story seems to be disjointed a bit on every page, which is why I moved the rating down from a five star rating to a four star rating. Also, anyone who does not have a clear understanding of Hindu mythology might be a bit confused by the premise of this book.  I often had a difficult time understanding this book because the words were also written in a way that was making it difficult to read as they seem littered all over the pages and I could not see the text very well when it was set up like that.

Overall, “Turbulence: A Log Book” is a good read for adults who enjoy reading books that have disturbing and surreal imagery, but the story itself might be a bit too confusing for any reader to get through.  However, I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Henrik Drescher’s work and just want to look at the artwork.


  1. Great review. I am going to have to look for this in the bookstore. I'd never heard of this graphic novel and I'm definitely intrigued.

    1. It's really a great graphic novel! You should definitely check it out!