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[BOOK REVIEW] Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Title:  Kiss An Angel

Author:  Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 1996

Number of Pages: 373 pages

Date Read: 7/19/2012

Publisher: Avon

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Strong Language and Sex Scenes)

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After reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ book “It Had to Be You,” I just had to pick up another book from Susan Elizabeth Phillips!  The next book I ended up picking up from her was “Kiss An Angel” and after hearing so many good reviews on this book, I just had to give this book a shot!  Oh my goodness, I was definitely blown away by this fantastic romance novel that will make me view the circus as a magical adventure of a lifetime!

Daisy Devreaux was a spoiled rich girl who was forced into marrying a rough and humorless Russian man named Alex Markov in order to avoid going to jail.  However, when Daisy goes to live with her new husband, who happens to run a circus, she will soon discover some dark secrets about Alex that might make her love this mysterious man or hate him even more.

Oh my goodness! This book was just simply…HEAVENLY! Susan Elizabeth Phillips has done a brilliant job at writing this unique, one of a kind romance story about two lovers who are extremely different from each other, but are able to find the true love that will hold them together!  I also loved the fact that this book takes place at a circus since it is rare that I read a romance novel that takes place in the circus and it was awesome seeing all the different dynamics of how the circus works and what the workers at the circus have to go through to make their shows perfect.  Susan Elizabeth Phillips has also done an excellent job at portraying each character in this story, but my most favorite characters in this book are none other than the main characters Daisy Devreaux and Alex Markov!  I just loved Daisy Devreaux as the undisputed heroine of this story since her transformation from a spoiled rich girl to a brave and mature woman by the end of this book was truly fantastic to see and I loved her personality as Daisy may seem naïve at certain points of the book, but she truly has a big heart and is willing to help anyone in need.  I also loved her relationship with Heather, a young teenager who was introduced in this book (although Heather did annoyed me a bit at the beginning of the book) and I loved how Daisy was able to connect so much with Heather despite Heather’s bad attitude at first.  Now, onto the best character in this book and that happens to be Alex Markov!  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alex Markov to death as there are so many layers to his character that makes him extremely mysterious and yet engaging to read about!  Since I am a huge fan of bad boy heroes, Alex Markov definitely tops the list of my top favorite bad boy heroes in romance novels since he has a tough and brooding attitude and yet, he is so seductive and caring at the same time once people get to know him better.  I also loved the fact that Alex Markov participates in the circus and I especially loved his Cossack play act that resonates with his Russian roots where he dances so erotically with his whip.  It was also interesting seeing the more mysterious side of Alex that he refuses to tell Daisy about since it brought so much mystery to the story and I really wanted to learn more about this mysterious handsome Russian man!  The relationship between Daisy and Alex is what many romance fans would consider “unusual” since they both have different personalities (Daisy is flighty and kind while Alex is brooding and mysterious) but when their love for each other shows, sparks fly like nothing else and their romance with each other is just so sizzling hot!

For anyone who does not like sex scenes, this book has many sex scenes that are extremely explicit and they might want to skim over these scenes.  Also, this book has extremely strong language, although the language was never frequent and only shows up sparingly throughout the book.

Overall, “Kiss An Angel” is clearly one of the best contemporary romance novels around and has one of the best bad boy heroes ever around, Alex Markov!  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to any hardcore romance fan who is looking for a wonderful romance novel to read!

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