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[BOOK REVIEW] Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

Title:  Again the Magic

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2004

Number of Pages: 391 pages

Date Read: 12/31/2010

Series: Wallflowers #0.5  

Publisher:  Avon

Source:  Purchased

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

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Imagine having loved someone at a young age, but you both realize that it was a forbidden type of love and at the time, you thought that the only way to protect your lover is to drive them away from your life. Well, that is what had happened in Lisa Kleypas’ historical romance novel, “Again the Magic.” “Again the Magic” has drama, romance, lies, secrets and excitement that outshines from most romance novels ever written and it will have you waiting in anticipation as you read this book!

Years ago, Lady Aline Marsden fell in love with a servant on her father’s estate named John McKenna and their love knew no bounds. One tragic day however, Aline’s father, the Earl of Westcliff, found out about their affair and he sent McKenna away from the estate, breaking Aline’s heart, since Aline was forced to tell McKenna that she did not love him to protect him from her father’s wrath. Years later, however, McKenna returns to London as a rich man, but now he has a vengeance on Aline for breaking his heart years ago. But will McKenna’s and Aline’s love for each other rise up again?

Wow… my heart is just beating wildly right now! This is clearly one of Lisa Kleypas’ most intense books ever created as it clearly has drama, romance, and betrayal all mixed into one book! Lisa Kleypas has done an excellent job at bringing life into each character as all the characters in this book intense to the tenth degree! The characters I loved the most in this book were John McKenna and Aline Marsden as they were the most intense couple I have ever read in any romance novel since they have so many issues to work through! John McKenna is truly one hot bad boy hero of this story as he is always being described as an extremely muscular man (which I love) and he had such an intense personality. At times, I get scared by McKenna because he had such a dark and intense personality and you do not really know what he is going to do to Aline to extract his vengeance, but once I realized about how he was hurting deeply when Aline said hurtful things to him, I actually felt sympathy for him. Aline Marsden was a truly remarkable and innocent character as she truly cares about McKenna and what I really loved about her character was that she accepted McKenna for who he is and she did not care if McKenna was servant or not. Of course, there were times where I got a little irritated with Aline for not telling McKenna the truth, but I guess if someone cares for another person the way that Aline did for McKenna, then it would have been a bit difficult for anyone to feel rejection from the person they love. McKenna and Aline’s love for each other was genuine as they literally cannot live without each other and despite the various obstacles these two had, they still tried to stay together and it was that aspect of the story that really drawn me in this story. There is also a lot of love making between Aline and McKenna that is so hot and steamy that romance fans will literally flipped over with anticipation at reading those scenes!

There are many sex scenes in this book and some of the sex scenes are pretty graphic in some areas. For anyone who does not like reading about graphic sex scenes, might want to skip over the sex scenes when they are reading this book.

All in all, “Again the Magic” is a truly wonderful and hot romance book about the importance of honesty that has never been explored in any other romance novel and romance fans everywhere will definitely fall in love with this book for its pure intense romance!

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