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[BOOK REVIEW] Black Cat: Big Changes Volume 10 by Kentaro Yabuki

Title:  Black Cat:  Big Changes Volume 10

Author:  Kentaro Yabuki

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

Year Published: 2007

Year Read: 2014

Series: Black Cat #10

Publisher: VIZ Media

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 14+ (Gory Violence)

Yes, yes I know.  Even though I have been reading the “Black Cat” manga series since 2009, I had not really been keeping up with reviewing the series at the time. So, this volume will be the first time I had reviewed this series, but hopefully, I will go back and review the previous nine volumes in the future.

Man, I have been enjoying Kentaro Yabuki’s amazing “Black Cat” series ever since I picked up the first volume and to be honest, I had only just read the tenth volume of this series recently since the bookstore I usually got my “Black Cat” manga series from had closed down.  So, I was forced to wait several years to figure out a way to read the rest of this series after the ninth volume ended on such a huge cliffhanger and I was desperate in trying to find out what happens next!  Now, I finally got that chance with the tenth volume of the “Black Cat” series, “Black Cat: Big Changes!”

After the intense battle between Creed and the Cerberus Team in the last volume, it looked like no one survived the battle until it turns out that Creed is still alive (though he lost his arm) and he is now more than ever determined to make Train join his cause.  This results in Creed kidnapping Eve and Sven so that he could get Train to join him by killing both Eve and Sven.

Will Train be able to rescue his friends in time?

Wow! This volume was absolutely amazing! I know that I had gushed over how much I have loved Kentaro Yabuki’s “Black Cat” series before, but this volume was definitely something that was both exciting and shocking at the same time!  I loved the way that Kentaro Yabuki wrote each character, especially Train Heartnet himself as Train is shown to be an extremely intense character who also has some comedic traits that I found endearing.  I also loved the characters Sven Vollfied and Eve as I loved their relationship with Train, especially Train’s relationship with Sven as it is both hilarious and heartwarming, especially during the scenes where Sven beats up Train whenever he botches a chance for the group to earn money, which causes me to laugh out loud constantly!  I also loved the way that Kentaro Yabuki explored the potential threat that Creed poses, as he is trying to kill both Sven and Eve and that showed just how dangerous and insane Creed really is (I mean, if you had read the previous nine volumes, then please tell me that Creed is mentally unstable in his pursuit of Train)!  I also loved the fact that Train was willing to risk his own life to save both Eve and Sven since it proved how much Train really cared about Eve and Sven and what he was willing to put on the line in that situation. Kentaro Yabuki did a fantastic job at balancing the humor and the intensity in this volume as it made the story even more interesting to read and I always enjoyed the characters’ witty banter with each other while they are fighting for their lives! Kentaro Yabuki’s artwork is truly gorgeous and creative as all the characters are drawn halfway realistically and I always loved the way that their hairs always glow on each page!

The only problem with this volume is that there is some gory violence in this volume, especially during Creed’s battle with Sven where Creed cuts into Sven’s body with his sword and you can see blood squirting out of the wounds.  Anyone who does not like seeing gory violence in a manga series might want to skip over these scenes.

Overall, “Black Cat: Volume Ten: Big Changes” is definitely one volume that you have to check out in the famous “Black Cat” manga series and just as the title suggests, prepare for some huge changes to happen in this series yet to come!

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