Friday, November 15, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Garfield Pulls his Weight (Garfield Classics #26) by Jim Davis

Title:  Garfield Pulls his Weight

Author:  Jim Davis

Genre: Animal / Humor

Year Published: 1994

Year Read: 2013

Series: Garfield Classics #26

Publisher: PAWS Inc.

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 7+ (Some Mischievous and Rude Behavior)


Now, I have been a hug fan of the “Garfield” comics for many years now as I used to read them all the time in the Sunday newspapers when I was younger.  Now, I finally have the pleasure of being reintroduced into the “Garfield” comics through paper trade backs and I have been enjoying reading these classics again! Well, the twenty-sixth volume of the “Garfield” classics, which is called “Garfield Pulls His Weight,” certainly did not disappoint me with its off-the-wall humor involving everyone’s favorite fat and orange cat!

What is this story about?

Basically, this volume details more of Garfield’s hilarious adventures with both his unlucky owner, Jon Arbuckle and his not so bright dog companion, Odie; as Garfield continues to make jokes at the expense of Jon and Odie while eating and sleeping all the way!

What I loved about this story:

Jim Davis’ writing: Jim Davis’ writing continues to be hilarious and witty as Garfield continues to eat and sleep his way through life while making deadpan jokes at the expense of his owner Jon and his dog companion Odie.  I loved the fact that even though these comic strips were made during the 1990s, the humor continues to be fresh and I am pretty sure current generations will enjoy this graphic novel as much as I did!  There were many comic strips in this graphic novel that I really enjoyed such as this one comic strip being about Garfield and Jon camping out and the exchange goes like this:

Jon: I love camping. The fresh air…the mountains…the flowers…

(Garfield is suddenly dragged off-screen)

Jon: The trees…

Garfield: (stuck in a large spider web) the big spiders.

As usual, the humor is extremely witty and I always loved the sarcastic comments that Garfield makes towards Jon and Odie as he is easily one of the funniest characters in this entire comic strip!

Jim Davis’ artwork:  Jim Davis’ artwork is as usual hilarious to look at, especially the image of Garfield himself as he is shown to be a fat, orange and black cat with large, rounded eyes.  I also loved the artwork of the slapstick hijinks that Garfield, Jon and Odie go on as it makes me laugh every time I see them either get hit in the face with food or occasionally picking on each other!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Garfield Pulls His Weight” is another fantastic read for “Garfield” fans that love everyone’s favorite orange fat cat and are looking forward to loads of laughter from this series!

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