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[BOOK REVIEW] A Kiss to Remember by Teresa Medeiros

Title:  A Kiss to Remember

Author:  Teresa Medeiros

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2001

Number of Pages: 368 pages

Date Read: 9/18/2010

Series:  Fairleigh Sisters #1

Publisher: Bantam

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

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Alright!  This is the second book that I have read by Teresa Medeiros and I am starting to really enjoy some of her books more and more everyday!  “A Kiss to Remember” is a historical romance book that is the first of the Farleigh series and it sort of takes on a “Sleeping Beauty” spin on the tale as Laura awakens a total stranger by giving him a kiss and when she realizes that the stranger lost his memory, she gives him an identity of Nicholas Radcliffe which might cause her world to turn!  “A Kiss to Remember” is a romance novel full of secrets, lies, drama and hot steaming romance that every romance fan will love to read over and over again!

Sterling Harlow was seven years old when his parents sold him to his cruel uncle in order to pay off his father’s outrageous gambling debt.  Now years later, Sterling Harlow is the seventh duke of Devonbrooke and is known throughout London as “the Devil of Devonbrooke.”  Years later, Sterling has learned that his mother had died and he realizes that his mother let a country girl named Laura Fairleigh and her brother and sister, Lottie and George, stay at Arden Manor, Sterling’s old home.  Sterling wanted to take Arden Manor of his own, but the only way that he was going to do that is if Laura Fairleigh does not marry a man before her twenty-first birthday, then the manor will belong to him.  So, Sterling goes on a ride towards Arden Manor, but unfortunately, Sterling falls off his horse and hits his head causing him to have amnesia.  Later on, Laura Fairleigh goes through the woods and she finds Sterling’s body in the woods, however, Laura does not know that the stranger lying in the woods is Sterling and remembering that she must marry a man before her twenty-first birthday, Laura tricks the man into thinking that he is Nicholas Radcliffe and is engaged to her since the man has amnesia.  Laura will soon realize that being deceptive towards Nicholas might not only cost her freedom, but might cost her love too if she does not set the truth free!

Mmm… never have I read a book that is full of not only love making scenes but deception and secrets that could cause tension to strike through the sensual story like a knife!  But, before I get to the juicy bits of the story, I like to comment on how well Teresa Medeiros portrays her characters.  This time, Teresa Medeiros provides more background and emotion to her characters that each seem to relate to the audience strongly.  The characters who truly stood out the most in this book are Laura Fairleigh and Sterling Harlow as they both have personalities that might want to make you either hate them or love them.  For one thing, I think many fans might have a problem with Laura deceiving Sterling by manipulating his memory to suit her needs and I must admit that I did find that aspect of Laura a little alarming, but I guess considering that she did not know that Sterling was the unconscious man, it sort of lessen the blow to her character and she did seem desperate at that moment.  Also, some fans might not like Sterling’s cruel attitude towards Laura at times, but seeing as he suffered a betrayal from his family, I cannot really blame him for being so cruel at times.  Now, onto the juicy bits of the story!  Teresa Medeiros does not hold back when it comes to the love making scenes and boy, does this book have so many love scenes, from the beginning to the end!  To be honest, I liked the Laura/Nicholas relationship better than the Laura/Sterling relationship because there was more chemistry and more trust between the characters, even though we all know that Laura played the deception game on Sterling when he took on his alternative and friendlier identity, Nicholas Radcliffe but hey, if it was not for Laura’s deception on Sterling, we would have never seen the friendly and softer side of Sterling Harlow and we would have never seen the most sensual scenes that was ever created in any romance novel!

For readers who do not like sex scenes, this book has way more sex scenes than “Nobody’s Darling” and readers who are not accustomed to sex scenes might definitely find these scenes in this book completely inappropriate.

Overall, “A Kiss to Remember” is definitely one of the most heartwarming and intense romance novels I have ever read and any romance fan who want to read about what true love is all about, this book is just right for anyone!!

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