Thursday, May 2, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Easy by Tammara Webber

Title:  Easy

Author: Tammara Webber

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2012

Number of Pages: 304 pages

Date Read: 5/2/2013

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 16+ (Strong Language and Rape)

“Love is not the absence of logic,
But logic examined and recalculated,
Heated and curved to fit,
Inside the contours of the heart.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a brilliant quote that came out of Tammara Webber’s fantastic contemporary romance novel, “Easy!” When I read so many good reviews about this novel, I just had to check this novel out for myself and see what the rave was all about!  Well, imagine my pleasant surprise after I read this book as it was a truly beautiful experience for me and I just have to give out my thoughts on this wonderful novel!

Jacqueline Wallace thought that she had the perfect life when she started dating her college sweetheart, Kennedy.  Unfortunately, when Kennedy decided to break up with Jacqueline without giving a good reason, Jacqueline finds herself suffering from the break up and she believed that she will never find the perfect guy for her.  To make matters worse, Jacqueline is nearly raped by one of the most popular guys in college, Buck, until a mysterious student named Lucas Maxfield manages to save her in the nick of time.  Now that Jacqueline notices the mysterious yet hot Boy Scout Lucas, will she find a new and loving relationship with Lucas or will she still remain untrustworthy of ever having another relationship?

Oh my goodness, I got to tell you that this book practically blew me away!  I had read so many contemporary romance novels during my time, but I never would have thought that I would come across a romance novel that had so much grit and realism to the story that I was practically sitting on the edge of my seat trying to see what will become of the characters!  Tammara Webber had done an excellent job at writing this story as the characters and the situations they get involved in are shown in a realistic and intense way and I often found myself getting immersed with how the characters handled these situations.  Probably the best thing that I really enjoyed about this novel was the portrayal of the characters themselves!  Jacqueline Wallace and Lucas Maxfield are probably my most favorite characters in this novel, along with Erin and Dr. Heller, as they were truly likable and easy to relate to and I loved their interactions with each other!  Jacqueline Wallace is truly one heroine that I really sympathized with as she was involved in a dangerous situation and I truly understood her feelings of fear and regret after going through such a horrible experience. It was actually amazing seeing Jacqueline try to stand up for herself as she tries to find her independence after her breakup with Kennedy and her journey to recovery was just truly emotional and beautiful at the same time!  Now, Lucas Maxfield is easily one of the greatest college heroes ever created as he would go out of his way to protect Jacqueline!  I also loved the fact that Lucas enjoys drawing since that really brought out the artistic (and sexy) side of him and the scenes of Lucas sketching Jacqueline were full of hot and sizzling fun! Also, every time I keep hearing the description of Lucas having a muscular body with meaningful tattoos all over his body, my heart just melts with anticipation!  I was amazed at how Tammara Webber tackled the issue of rape as Jacqueline was nearly raped and it was an emotional and heartbreaking ride for Jacqueline to get through.  Tammara Webber really made the rape scenes so graphic and realistic that I found myself tensing up whenever these scenes popped up as going through this situation is extremely frightening for anyone.

This novel contains extremely strong language including dropping the “f” bomb a dozen times and the “s” word.  Anyone who does not like reading strong language might want to skim over these words as they are reading this book.  Also, this novel deals with the subject of rape and that topic might be too uncomfortable for many people to handle, especially since it is written in an extremely realistic and graphic way.

Overall, “Easy” is truly one novel that every romance reader has to check out and it is easily on my top romance novels lists as of now!  This is definitely one novel that really defines the true meaning of love!

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