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Blog Tour + Book Blitz: Safe With You by Sophie Lira

★✩★✩Book Details★✩★✩

Safe With You by Sophie Lira 
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: April 26th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

O ​livia Simon is starting over in the Big Easy. Her new job as a yoga instructor means she gets to pursue her passion, while giving her the motivation she needs to get back on track. But she’s scared. Really scared. Scared her abusive ex-boyfriend will find her. Scared of all things that go bump in the night… and day.  She knows her ex will have a claim on her future happiness unless she can find her own peace. Which starts with Kyle.

Kyle Avery, a former college baseball player on the brink of going pro, is also starting over. His dream since Little League was shattered when a jealous rival went too far in a pre-season game. After a few surgeries, all Kyle is left with are a few rods in his leg, a rebuilt knee, and no idea who he is without baseball. But when he trades center field for a yoga mat, he finds solace in a way he never imagined. Kyle knows there’s something about Olivia. Something he needs to move forward.
But Olivia loves to run, and it’s too soon for her to be playing house. Olivia and Kyle want to invest in each other, but the secrets they’ve kept take a dangerous turn when Olivia’s past returns with a vengeance. Devastated and helpless, Olivia wonders who she can really trust, and Kyle questions if he was ever able to keep her safe.


★✩★✩Book Excerpt★✩★✩

“Hey, is everything okay?” A deep Southern accent floats into my ear. I startle backwards and drop my yoga mat, colliding with the hotter, tattooed-god version of Captain America.

“Oh my gosh, are you all right? I’m so, so sorry.” My fingers tighten around the strap of my bag. The past six months have been a nightmare, no matter how much I tell myself otherwise. Now I can tack humiliation onto my heartbreak.

His messy blond hair and milk-chocolate eyes are an instant comfort to my day­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. He bends to pick up my yoga mat and I try not to stare as his shirt rides up, exposing a hard, muscled side. “I’m fine,” he says as he hands me the mat. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“No, yes … I don’t know.” I shake my head, mortified at my rambling. (Olivia, Chapter One)

"Somehow in the midst of our conversation about junk food, she lightens up enough for me to take my chance to draw her out again. I keep the conversation strictly Man vs. Food vs. Cute Shy Girl as long as I can. I can sense something different inside her, like the real person under the surface is screaming at me for help. Because when she lets her guard down, even for a moment, she’s different. She seems fun, kind, and compassionate. Not the person she thinks she probably needs to be, someone who pushes everyone away.

I know someone like that. Me." (Kyle, Chapter Four)

"You’re killin’ me, Simon.” I lower the bat and look at the imaginary watch on my wrist. “I don’t have all day.”

She sticks her tongue out at me and pitches a floater. It comes toward me in slow motion with a million arrows begging me to launch it into next year. My mind switches off and instinct takes over. Before I can think, my left heel rises off the sandy dirt and I raise the bat back farther. I crush the ball so hard I almost expect the casing to fly off. The sound of contact reverberates and explodes like a strike of lightning splitting a tree. Olivia’s head arcs with the ball and follows it as it lands about ten feet beyond the right field fence.

“Nice throw!” The swing takes my breath away completely. I almost need to use the bat as a cane for support. A familiar smile flows across my face and the rush comes back as if it never left … the rush of playing and knowing this is what my life was meant for. The hole in my heart starts to close and the missing piece reappears as quickly as it went.

“Kyle!” She runs over to me with the same amount of wide-eyed astonishment I think is all over my face. “That was incredible! Your stance, your follow-through, everything was perfect. For someone who hasn’t played in a few years, you’re pretty awesome.” She sighs and the most beautiful smile stretches across her face." (Kyle, Chapter Six)

“Liv, I would never let anything happen to you.” I know. The words are a firm, solid promise. As his lips press to my forehead, I practically shudder. “Just let me in a little more. I won’t let you get hurt.”

I won’t let you get hurt again, either.

Before I can look up, his arms wrap around me and he holds me close. The hug has the most perfect amount of affection and pressure to shield me from the world. The softness of his T-shirt laced with his cologne is like the most luxurious blanket I never want to leave.

I get comfortable, leaning into him still, basking in the quiet, serene atmosphere, until I doze off, loving the way I feel in his arms. (Olivia, Chapter Seven)
“Hey, munchkin.” Cam's exotic aqua and deep sapphire eyes have half the luster they normally do and he offers me a smile. I know he was out late last night, so I feel even worse that he’s babysitting me hungover and playing Julio Child.

I sigh, rolling my eyes with a smirk. “Why do you always call me that?”

“Because you’re three feet shorter than me and weigh like four pounds.” He laughs, nudging my shoulder. “You okay? Seriously. You look like you’ve been about to implode since I got here.”

I shrug, trying to ward off the tears I won’t allow myself to shed.

“Liv … come on.” Cam pulls me into one of his overwhelming hugs and kisses the top of my head. “I know I’m not your studmuffin but don’t make me feel like shit. You’ll be okay.”

“I know. I’m trying.” I can’t help but laugh at his attempt to cheer me up. It always looks like he’s a grizzly bear protecting an acorn when he hugs me, but right now I don’t mind. (Olivia, Chapter Seventeen)

★✩★✩Author Details★✩★✩

Sophie is represented by Julia Weber & will be publishing her first novel, SAFE WITH YOU, on 04/26/2016, by Swoon Romance

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